“Piti, piti, wazo fe nich li. / Little by little the bird builds its nest.”

-Haitian proverb


ISA is now preparing to launch a nationwide training initiative to churches across Haiti with our "Fertile Soil" project. We need a TEAM. 


We need people who will help us develop and implement this training ministry, both in the U.S. and Haiti. We need:

  • leaders to serve as trainers to churches in Haiti
  • writers and experienced small-group leaders to create the training materials in advance
  • tech support, videographers and editors 

To learn more, contact michael@internationalstrategic alliance.org

Over the past year, we have been discussing with Diane Shaffer how ISA might honor Gregg's legacy in an appropriate way. We agreed that it needed to be something that would represent Gregg's 50 years of ministry and live on in the lives of others.


Early in our ministry in Haiti, Gregg and I recognized that nothing existed to effectively help new Christians and their churches to understand the basics of the Christian faith, so we earnestly set out to create a discipleship manual that would be tailor-made for their culture, language, and unique circumstances. We spent countless hours collaborating, and as we neared the final stages, work was interrupted when Gregg was diagnosed with brain cancer.


Gregg's family wants to take this to the finish line, so his legacy will live on.

We are in the final stage, and we need $6000 to complete it. Your donations will finance:

  • translation of the lessons into Haiti Creole,
  • printing and binding,
  • design, and
  • training the initial group of 300 pastors and leaders.


Michael VanHook


Our FEED A SOUL Bible Project was a huge success! Faith Church was able to purchase over 400 Creole and French Bibles. Everyone at Faith Church now has a Bible, and they were able to share with five other churches in Cap-Haitien, Limonade, Pignon, and St. Raphael. 


Dear Mike and ISA, thank you so much for the spiritual food that you sent to Faith Church. They received the Bibles with joy and happiness. On behalf of Faith Church, we say thank you all. The Board of Faith Church said you gave them the life of Christ, you gave them the opportunity to grow spiritually in Christ. In Christ, Pastor Bruno and all Faith Church.


In response to the coronavirus crisis, ISA launched COVER UP HAITI, a COVID-19 and hunger prevention project. When started, most Haitians did not have masks to prevent the spread of the virus or enough money to buy food due to extreme shortages. 


COVER UP HAITI was a women’s entrepreneur project. ISA supplied women in local churches with a small financial investment to purchase materials to create medical masks to sell in their local communities. The revenue that they generated could be used to feed their families. 


Working in collaborative teams, these ladies created and sold 6,000 masks throughout their communities. They were able to triple the net profit on the initial investment; and therefore, generate enough income to feed their hungry families for several weeks. In addition, they learned vital financial and entrepreneurial life-skills


Thank you to everyone for your generous donations and for helping to make COVER UP HAITI a huge success. We learned a lot, and ISA is using this knowledge to develop new women's entrepreneurial projects.


If you have ideas, we're listening. If you want to get involved, contact us.


David Cheeks, Bobb Swope, and Michael VanHook led a mission trip to Cap-Haitien in February. It was a remarkable time as we led a Teacher’s Conference, a Pastor’s Conference, and assisted with several ministries at Faith Church with Pastor Bruno Cherenfant. 


Pastor Bruno Cherenfant, David Cheeks, and Michael VanHook attended the international Ignite Conference sponsored by the College of Prayer International, in February. It was a meaningful time of learning, forging new relationships, and casting a vision for future ministry in Haiti. David Cheeks served as one of the pre-conference speakers.


In January, Bruno Cherenfant visited the U.S. and spoke at churches and extended his gratitude on behalf of Faith Church for the support that they have received over the years. In Michigan, he saw snow and experienced a northern winter for the first time. This was part of his training tour which included an international conference with Christian leaders from across the globe. Thanks to Pastors Troy Clay and Mike Foster, and Dr. Ron Patterson for being such gracious hosts. 


On July 23, ISA in collaboration with our partners Pro-Famille Clinique, Christian Disaster Response (CDR), and Kayiti Shipping Services delivered 100,000 children’s vitamins and food to Cap-Haitien and Faith Church. These important supplies will help feed and restore the health of hundreds of children at Faith School and through Pro-Famille’s regional clinics.


Dear friends,

Greetings from all Faith Church and all the children at Faith School. I hope you are very well. Thank you so much for being part of Faith Church and for being a part of my life. We are so thankful to you all. Faith Church and I wish you a "Happy Easter."


On Friday afternoon, all Faith Church will be together for the suffering of our brother Jesus. We will have seven different preachers, each of them will talk about one word of Jesus on the cross and we will have communion. [Bruno told me that he would be talking about the sixth word of Jesus on the cross. “So, when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, ‘It is finished’ and bowing His head, He gave up His spirit” (John19:30). He was so excited to bring this word to his church).]


On Saturday morning, I will baptize nine new members in the ocean of Cap-Haitian. [Pastor Bruno has been training these new believers in the faith since January. I sent him a special message on behalf of all of us. See the photo and video below from this morning's baptism].


On Sunday morning, all Faith Church will celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the afternoon, we will have an Easter concert. We will have the big choir of the church, a gospel choir, the ladies’ choir, and another musical group.

We will remember you all in our prayers. By his blood, we have become brothers and sisters in Christ. We are one family in Jesus Christ. Happy Easter to you all.


Your brother,

Pastor Bruno Cherenfant

ISA  .  PO Box 307  .  Walton, KY 41094   .   859.938.9070  contact@internationalstrategicalliances.org 

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