“Men anpil chay pa lou. / Many hands make the load lighter.” -Haitian proverb

ISA’s excursions to Haiti are designed to facilitate highly personal experiences for each participant by creating an environment where everyone has the greatest opportunities to deliver hope and faith to those in need while we discover Haitian culture. We welcome everyone who has a heart to serve and a desire to apply their gifts and skills.


ISA is currently recruiting mission teams to serve in June 2024. Two trips are planned. Teams have the option to travel to Pignon, in the central plateau, and Cap-Haitien, on the north coast. Numbers are limited, so contact us soon.

Mike VanHook and Diane Shaffer have returned from their mission trip to Haiti. For three-years, COVID and civil unrest and violence prevented us from traveling.  But an opening in the north enabled us to visit our friends and serve in the cities of Cap-Haitien, Pignon, and Fort-Liberte. Relationships were renewed and new ministries were launched.

Cap-Haitien, through the lens of some Americans on their first journey to Haiti

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