Educational Initiatives

“Piti, piti, wazo fe nich li. / Little by little the bird builds its nest.” -Haitian proverb

The children of Haiti desperately need help. 50% of the children do not attend school. They can't! Their parents can't afford it. On a family wage of less than $2 a day, the children must work at jobs, such as carrying water, robbing their futures. Approximately 30% attending primary school will not make it to third grade, and 60% will abandon school before sixth grade. Only 29% of Haitians 25 years and above attended secondary school. Haiti’s literacy rate is between 57 - 64% compared to a 92% average literacy rate for Latin American and the Caribbean developing countries.1

International Strategic Alliances provides sustainable support to give children hope for a better life.

ISA  .  PO Box 134  .  Hebron, KY 41048  .   859.938.9070

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