Faith School, Cap-Haitien

“Piti, piti, wazo fe nich li. / Little by little the bird builds its nest.” -Haitian proverb

When no school existed in the community of Madeline, Faith Church opened a K-5 elementary school to give children hope for a better life. Now, over 250 children learn in a caring, supportive environment. You can make a difference too.


Give a child hope and opportunity. $300 will send a child to Faith School for one year. ISA’s Student Sponsorship Package includes annual tuition, uniform, shoes, books, and a backpack. Sponsors receive progress reports with photos.


Every morning, the children of Faith School arrive hungry. Going without regular meals or scavenging for food is a common routine, except when we provide a healthy lunch at school. Pastor Bruno says that when they eat, the children laugh and play like children are supposed to, and they learn.


ISA, in collaboration with our partner Christian Disaster Response (CDR), ships 55-gallon barrels filled with beans and rice. The delivery cost to Cap-Haitien ranges from $700-900, depending on the number of barrels. Shipments occur approximately every quarter. 


Paper, pens, chalk, notebooks, hands-on learning materials, desks, chalkboards, etc. are things we take for granted, but they are precious, rare supplies in Haitian classrooms. Consider a donation to our schools.

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