Leadership Initiatives

“Dye mon, gen mon. / Beyond the mountains, more mountains.” - Haitian proverb

Leaders possess the power to influence significant and enduring change. Developing strong Haitian leaders is one of the most effective ways to facilitate transformation because their trusted influence extends to those around them.



ISA collaborates with leaders and groups to strategically analyze local problems and to apply sustainable solutions. We train and provide resources for Haitian pastors, teachers, and medical leaders so they can make a significant and enduring difference within their spheres of influence. 

 The Haitian proverb, translated as “beyond the mountains, more mountains” or “beyond mountains there are mountains,” is used by Haitians in several different ways. It sometimes expresses the idea that opportunities are inexhaustible, and sometimes it is a way of saying that when you surmount one great obstacle you merely gain a clear view of the next one. 

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