“Sak vid pa kanp. / An empty sack can't stand up.” -Haitian proverb

Daily, we hear their cries; we gaze at the images, and our hearts break. They send us photos of broken bodies lying on the streets, protests raging in their cities, and empty markets. They tell us about their hunger, fears, and despair. 

A UN Special Representative for Haiti has stated the Caribbean nation is "beyond a humanitarian catastrophe." It is a fight for survival. 

ISA is providing our strategic partners with resources to purchase food to distribute directly to those with the greatest risk of starvation. Please consider a donation to help the poorest of the poor. 

ISA provides a school feeding program in collaboration with our partner Christian Disaster Response (CDR). They deliver 55-gallon barrels filled with beans and rice to Cap-Haitien at a cost of $700-900.

Working with our strategic leaders and churches, ISA assists with the distribution care packages for those at greatest risk—widows, orphans, and the handicapped.

Haiti's need for basic health care is clear and urgent. Over 40 percent of the population lacks access to essential health and nutritional services. Only four health professionals are available for every 10,000 people.


ISA has formed a strategic partnership between Faith Church and Dr. Renaud Gerve of Pro-Famille Clinique in Cap-Haitien to provide a monthly medical clinic for the community of Madeline. Our Community Liason pre-assesses those with the most serious medical conditions, young and old, and arranges their treatment with Dr. Gerve and his medical team.


ISA's monthly commitment is $850. Please consider a compassionate donation.

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