“Piti, piti, wazo fe nich li. / Little by little the bird builds its nest.” -Haitian proverb



Pastor Ysaac led his first Bible study. It was life-changing! In a church of over 300 people less than 50 possessed a Bible in their own language, but ISA's FEED A SOUL Christmas gifts supplied over 200 Bibles in their native language. The pastor and church have committed themselves to studying God's word. This is part of ISA's vision for the Pignon Church to develop into a regional disciple-making center in Haiti's rural central plateau.


On the weekend of February 13-15, we hosted a gifted young Haitian leader, Wilguens Estavien, for a strategic leadership summit. Wilguens has been in the United States and just completed his MBA at Wilmington University in Delaware. Unfortunately, he is unable to return to Haiti because his time here makes him a kidnapping target. He will remain in the US studying non-profit leadership, but he longs to return to his family, fiancée, and friends. Please pray for him. 

Our weekend included times for strategic planning, vision casting, and spiritual renewal. The men gathered around Wilguens is my prayer team that has been weekly meeting for over 25 years and was instrumental in launching ISA. We worshipped, prayed, and shared the Lord's Supper together. Thanks, John, David, Greg, Brian, and Bob.


This Christmas, through the generous donations of our supporters, we gave 210 Bibles to members of our church in Pignon. It is their strong desire to read God's Word so they can face life's challenges with an abiding faith. Thank you.



ISA has entered into a new covenant partnership with Pastor Ysaac Deshommes and his church in Pignon, Haiti. This covenant partnership opens the door for us to develop it as a "regional disciple-making center."
Pastor Ysaac's church has over 340 members and a satellite church in Port-de-Paix. Last spring, the walls of the church collapsed forcing the people to meet outside when weather permitted. ISA is now paying the rent on a building as a temporary solution. We have also supported their outreach to the community during this period of severe hunger and deprivation.
The church started when Pastor Ysaac and his cousin went to an area where Vodou was being practiced. They sat with the people and shared the Good News about Jesus Christ. Many people accepted Jesus, and 28 of them formed a new church in a field. Also, many of the people were sick; they prayed for them, and they were healed.


During this extended civil crisis, every dollar given to ISA is given to our strategic partners to purchase food for those with the greatest risk of starvation. Please consider a donation to help the poorest of the poor. 

Daily, we hear their cries; we gaze at the images, and our heart breaks. They send us photos of broken bodies lying on the streets, protests raging in their cities, and empty markets. They tell us about their hunger, fears, and despair. 

A UN Special Representative for Haiti has stated the Caribbean nation is "beyond a humanitarian catastrophe." It is a fight for survival. Many years ago, I stated, "The daily mission of the average Haitian child is to find food, clean water, clothing, and to live another day. Today, some will be successful, and some will not." This is truer today than then. 

After an outbreak of cholera in 2010 that killed 10,000 people, it has resurfaced as gangs hinder access to water. Hospitals are closing because they are unable to receive supplies and provide sterile conditions for medical interventions.


ISA has formed a strategic partnership between Faith Church and Dr. Renaud Gerve of Pro-Famille Clinique in Cap-Haitien to provide a monthly medical clinic for the community of Madeline. 


Our Community Liason from Faith Church pre-assesses those with the most serious medical conditions, young and old, and arranges their treatment with Dr. Gerve and his medical team.


ISA's monthly commitment is $850. Please consider a compassionate donation.


ISA is preparing to launch a nationwide training initiative to churches across Haiti with our "Fertile Soil" project. We need a TEAM.


We need people who will help us develop and implement this training ministry, both in the U.S. and Haiti.


We need:

  • leaders to serve as trainers to churches in Haiti
  • writers and experienced small-group leaders to create training materials
  • tech support, videographers, and editors

To learn more, contact michael@internationalstrategicalliance.org


In 2023, ISA will launch a new school, the BOYO Academy. BOYO will build bridges connecting people and cultures from all ethnic backgrounds within Haiti and to distant cultures from around the world. BOYO creates opportunities for the people of Haiti to thrive locally and internationally.  

ISA  .  PO Box 134  .  Hebron, KY 41048  .   859.938.9070   contact@internationalstrategicalliances.org

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