Pignon Church, Pignon

“Men anpil chay pa lou. / Many hands make the load lighter.” -Haitian proverb

ISA has entered into a new covenant partnership with Pastor Ysaac Deshommes and his church in Pignon, Haiti. This covenant partnership opens the door for us to develop it as a "regional disciple-making center."

Pastor Ysaac's church has over 340 members and a satellite church in Port-de-Paix. Last spring, the walls of the church collapsed forcing the people to meet outside when weather permitted. ISA is now paying the rent on a building as a temporary solution. We have also supported their outreach to the community during this period of severe hunger and deprivation.

The church started when Pastor Ysaac and his cousin went to an area where Vodou was being practiced. They sat with the people and shared the Good News about Jesus Christ. Many people accepted Jesus, and 28 of them formed a new church in a field. Also, many of the people were sick; they prayed for them, and they were healed.

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