Faith Church, Cap-Haitien

“Men anpil chay pa lou. / Many hands make the load lighter.” -Haitian proverb


ISA’s primary collaboration is with Faith Church and School in Cap-Haitien. Like the hub of a wheel, they enable us to reach out across the country with our humanitarian, educational, and leadership initiatives. ISA's vision for Faith Church is for it to develop into a regional discipleship and leadership training center in northern Haiti, as it continues to serve as a refuge of hope to the impoverished community of Madeline.


ISA's relationship with Pastor Cherenfant began in 2002 when he was a seminary student. Over the years, ISA has continuously supported his life and Faith Church’s vision and development through strategic guidance and financing. They have served as the host church for our annual Pastoral Leadership Conferences and the distribution center for our cholera prevention. Today, over 300 people worship and serve at this vibrant community of faith.


On an overcast March morning in 2007, seven women and thirteen children gathered on a plot of ground in Cap Haitien’s poorest neighborhood with a young pastor. They brought their hopes and dreams, along with their own chairs. No church existed in their community of 2,500. As they stood under the morning sky singing and praying, the clouds burst open with drenching rain, so they fled for their homes. Undaunted, the next day, they returned with a few boards, scraps of sheet metal, and prayers of petition seeking God’s blessing on this new beginning.


From this humble beginning, Faith Church, under the audacious leadership of Pastor Bruno Cherenfant, has steadily grown into a vibrant worshipping church and a source of life and hope to a desperate community. Three years later, a school was established because the children in Madeline did not have a local opportunity for an education. Now, over 250 kindergarten and elementary students attend Faith School.

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