“Sak vid pa kanp. / An empty sack can't stand up.” -Haitian proverb

Daily, we hear their cries; we gaze at the images, and our heart breaks. They send us photos of broken bodies lying on the streets, protests raging in their cities, and empty markets. They tell us about their hunger, fears, and despair. 

A UN Special Representative for Haiti has stated the Caribbean nation is "beyond a humanitarian catastrophe." It is a fight for survival. Many years ago, I stated, "The daily mission of the average Haitian child is to find food, clean water, clothing, and to live another day. Today, some will be successful, and some will not." This is truer today than then. 

After an outbreak of cholera in 2010 that killed 10,000 people, it has resurfaced as gangs hinder access to water. Hospitals are closing because they are unable to receive supplies and provide sterile conditions for medical interventions. 


ISA is providing our strategic partners with resources to purchase food to distribute directly to those with the greatest risk of starvation. Please consider a donation to help the poorest of the poor. 


Every morning, the children of Faith School arrive hungry. Going without regular meals or scavenging for food is a common routine, except when we provide a healthy lunch at school. Pastor Bruno says that when they eat, the children laugh and play like children are supposed to, and they learn.


During this current civil crisis when starvation is impacting so many, every dollar that ISA receives is sent directly to our strategic partners to feed their communities. 

ISA, in collaboration with our partner Christian Disaster Response (CDR), ships 55-gallon barrels filled with beans and rice. The delivery cost to Cap-Haitien ranges from $700-900, depending on the number of barrels. Shipments occur approximately every quarter. 

Lunch Time

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