“Sak vid pa kanp. / An empty sack can't stand up.” -Haitian proverb

ISA reached out to the leadership of Faith Church and asked them to deliberate and propose some viable humanitarian initiatives. ISA's mode of operating is "to strategically and collaboratively align ourselves with leaders and groups to mutually design and implement sustainable humanitarian, educational, and leadership initiatives." Faith Church returned with two proposals. They desire to establish a medical clinic and a nutrition center for their community of Madeline.


In response to their requests, we have reached out to our friends, Dr. Renaud Gerve and Pro-Famille Clinique in Cap-Haitien, and solicited their assistance in establishing a monthly medical clinic at Faith Church. On Friday, July 1, we held a trial clinic.


All parties involved will discuss the outcomes and the viability of establishing a monthly community clinic. If the answer is "yes," ISA will commit to raising the necessary funds to establish the clinic. 


Below are some photos from the trial clinic.

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