Disaster Relief

“Sak vid pa kanp. / An empty sack can't stand up.” -Haitian proverb


International Strategic Alliances primarily focuses our efforts on creating enduring solutions to Haiti’s significant problems. But there are those tragic moments when disasters suddenly and catastrophically inflict serious harm on the Haitian people, and we are compelled to respond.


The people of Haiti are all too acquainted with the sudden impact of natural disasters. Their fragile lives have experienced terrible events. The catastrophic 2010 earthquake was the worst natural disaster in human history. It claimed approximately 250,000 lives and displaced over a million people while destroying the center of government.

When sudden disasters strike, survivors desperately hang on for life-giving relief. Implementing an effective response is time-sensitive but extremely challenging in Haiti due to human and logistical obstacles.


ISA’s first response is to partner with local Haitian organizations that have a working knowledge of the region and the means to go directly to the sufferers. Secondly, we partner with a US disaster response organization that is capable of collecting and delivering large amounts of emergency supplies. 


One of ISA’s strategic alliance partners is Just Have Faith Ministries (JHFM). JHFM is a recognized NGO with Haiti’s government that is sharing the way of faith with words, actions, and lifestyle. During Hurricane Matthew, their team assembled relief kits and set out on the backroads in search of neglected villages overlooked by other aid organizations. The JHFM Relief Team faced numerous challenges as they made their way through and around perilous obstacles such as falling rocks, torrential downpours, and swollen rivers. On one Sunday morning, they discovered an isolated village with 250 people living in desperately vulnerable conditions. They had been without food, clean water, and adequate shelter for several days. The team spent the day distributing their relief kits and ministering to other needs, with tremendous appreciation from the sufferers. 


Christian Disaster Response is led by our friend Dr. Ron Patterson. Based in Auburndale, Florida, CDR provides disaster assistance with initial on-site disaster assessment programs, delivery of in-kind disaster recovery supplies, and emergency mobile food services. Working in collaboration with ISA Board Member David Michel and October LLC, they are ship and deliver large quantities of relief supplies. 



When disasters occur, we will post information and appropriate responses on this website and to our Facebook page.

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