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“Piti, piti, wazo fe nich li. / Little by little the bird builds its nest.” -Haitian proverb


Half of the teachers in Haiti lack basic qualifications. 80 percent have not received any pre-service training, while 25 percent have not even attended secondary school.

There is a direct correlation between trained teachers and the quality of education. There is also a correlation between the quality of education and economic and human development.

Compounding the problem, many teachers aren’t consistently paid for their work, and students don’t have access to basic learning tools—books, paper, pencils, let alone computers. According to UNICEF, 58 percent of Haiti's current educational facilities were not built originally to serve as schools. Many classrooms are just an enclosure, a poorly made house with dirt floors, no electricity, and no bathrooms.

ISA is supporting teachers by providing basic teacher training.


ISA is supporting teachers by providing basic teacher training.


Present Need: Professional Educators

If you or your school would like to make a significant difference in the lives of these teachers and their students, contact us.

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