Student & Teacher Sponsorships

“Piti, piti, wazo fe nich li. / Little by little the bird builds its nest.” -Haitian proverb

Half of the children in Haiti do not attend school. They can't; their parents can't afford it. On a family wage of less than $2 per day, the children must work at jobs such as carrying water, robbing their futures.

A small amount gives a child a future and a hope through ISA's sponsorship.

Student Sponsorships $250 a year


Includes annual tuition, uniform, and shoes, books and a backpack.



Teacher Salaries 



Help a teacher to make a life for their family while making a difference in their student's lives. 



Great project for a school, church, civic organization, team, or individual.

Progress reports with photos will be supplied.


Also needed, school supplies

(paper, pens, notebooks, hands-on and ancillary learning materials)

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